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Matt and Fred,


Certainly this strategy worked very well when we developed the global Chocolate Expert community at Cadbury.

We were specifically looking for collaborative opportunities using the strapline:  Connect, Collaborate, Capitalise.  We were able to collate many success stories with tangible benefits and I would still argue that the intangibles were still far more important to performance improvement in terms of engagement, participation, mentoring and development of new employees and increased leverage of collective capabilities.


After it was interacting for about 18 months we did a social network analysis which showed many new connections between people across the world. Although the numbers active in the teleconferences were relatively low (10-20 typically), the SNA showed a community of 247 people, 50 of which were outside the organisation (represented by past employees, suppliers, customers etc).  The reach of the informal network is important to knowledge flow and flow increases rapidly when people have specific requirements to collaborate around.

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Nice one, Fred. One comment that stood out for me was:

"We should aggressively create opportunities for people within our organization to work together with leading edge talent outside our organization so that both sides can develop their talent even more rapidly. In driving scalable learning, we must expand our horizons far beyond the boundaries of our own firm."



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John Seely Brown is one of the authors of a very interesting piece at this link:

http://www.bloomber harvardbusiness? sid=H12a9b09b214 df3fdba284650b69 531c4

It calls into question the validity and utility of identifying people as knowledge workers.

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