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Murray Jennex

I've seen a lot of good responses and so I'd thought I'd throw in something a little different based on a study of utilities doing Y2K:

Jennex and Weiss (2001) studied Utility Y2K projects to determine what knowledge benefits were gained - Found significant knowledge benefits but little being done to capture them


Jennex, Olfman, and Addo (2003) hypothesized that knowledge benefits weren’t being captured due to a lack of a KM strategy:

Used a survey to collect data on KM programs and strategy

Used MANOVA to analyze results

Found that organizations that had a knowledge management organization and strategy both during Y2K and after were doing significantly more to capture knowledge benefits than organizations that didn’t have a KM program or that only had one during Y2K or after

Used twice as many capture actions as the other 2 groups


Expected Actions From KM Strategy (as identified by the survey)

Modification of processes/procedures as a result of Organizational Learning

Creation of new processes/ procedures as a result of Organizational Learning

Creation/Modification of KM support tools to support the KMS and knowledge use

Increased utilization of personnel who create, share, and/or utilize organizational knowledge at higher levels of authority/responsibility

Use of lessons learned reports or post activity assessment to review and capture what was learned during organizational activities

Creation of a learning organization


So what I learned from this is that an organization is much more likely to succeed in capturing and reusing knowledge if they have a KM strategy and a listing of activities that had greater than 90% agreement on.  I think it very interesting that the above is pretty consistent with the previous posts.  Thanks....murray jennex (San Diego State University, editor in chief International Journal of Knowledge Management)

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Hi all,


I recently found your group and have been appreciating the depth of the discussion that has been going on here for the last week, or so.  However, at this point, I’m in need of some “nuts-and-bolts” type of information.


I work for a company that is part of L-3 Communications.  We supply training and engineering support services to the US military.  I’ve been give the responsibility for directing our company’s knowledge management initiative, including the development of a knowledge management system.  Our company is more than 25 years old, we have more than 500 employees and more than 30 locations around the world.  Like many companies, we haven’t yet crossed the bridge to becoming a learning organization, and we struggle with knowledge attrition and wasted effort.


Since being tasked with developing a KMS, I have assembled a team and we have recognized that we need to approach KM as a human system, rather than a technology system.  We have support from our executive management to initiate behavior changes as well as technological changes at a corporate level.  However, no one in our company has experience with developing or deploying a KMS.  We have made excellent progress by researching and reading, and I’ve made some valuable connections with other L-3 Communications personnel, but I am still unable to get on top of the strategy.  I feel like I need a defined strategy before I can make more progress in our effort.


I have no idea what the strategy should look like or what a good “model” strategy would contain.  Can anyone share examples of strategies that might provide me with some direction?  We have long-range goals, and we are stirring around some ideas for short-range goals.  And our business has some important strategies for acquiring and maintaining business.  How do those things relate to a specific KM strategy?  What are the components of a KM strategy?  How does the KM strategy inform subsequent steps of design and implementation?  Once we have a strategy, I feel like I can draft out a roadmap to get us to implementation. 


Thanks in advance!




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