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Peter-Anthony <peteraglick@...>

Hi David

Sorry not to share your enthusiasm.
I have read (and re-read) your blog post and find it hard to get your point.
It seems to me that you are attempting to tell us (KMers) that "Knowledge Management" is the wrong name for our field because we cannot manage knowledge itself, but "only" the environment and the processes to facilitate knowledge processing/sharing.

If I'm correct then I'm afraid you are wasting your time: We (nearly) all agree with you! We've been aware of this for years now but too late to change the name (it would more confuse the people we need to convince rather than help our cause).

If I misunderstood you article, please clarify.


Peter-Anthony Glick

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Hello all and thank you for your ongoing support.

This is our latest blog offering:

Any comments you might have on this or any of our blogs and/or our research papers are, as always, welcomed.

We will have a new case study paper on KM in a MNC ready in the next week or so and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thanks again for helping us as we mature our work --- 3 years of intense research and we finally believe we are getting somewhere, which is much better than nowhere...we hope.

Kind regards,



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