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Fred Nickols

I read your post and I read the blog at the link you provided. I agree that KM is misdirected and that knowledge itself cannot be managed - at least not in the same way we manage other things. As I indicated in my response on your blog, I hold that view for a slightly different reason.

Just as you say that knowledge management doesn't really exist, it can be argued that neither does knowledge (if you exclude all that stuff that's been codified in books, etc). The other kind of knowledge can be loosely defined as "a state of being" in one or more individuals. More important, that knowledge or state of being is something we infer about a person based on their behavior and performance. Thus, when we talk about KM as a way of getting Person B to perform in ways similar to Person A we miss the obvious point – which is to get Person B capable of approximating Person A's performance. We know how to do that and we've known how to do that for a long time. When it comes to KM, then, we might well ask Clara's question: "Where's the beef?"

Fred Nickols

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Hello all and thank you for your ongoing support.

This is our latest blog offering:

Any comments you might have on this or any of our blogs and/or our research papers are, as always, welcomed.

We will have a new case study paper on KM in a MNC ready in the next week or so and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thanks again for helping us as we mature our work --- 3 years of intense research and we finally believe we are getting somewhere, which is much better than nowhere...we hope.

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