Re: KM Programmes Captured by technology; Taxonomy (Retrieval rather than Search) #metadata #taxonomy #governance

Michael Dieterle


You make very good points about the challenge of serving two distinct dimensions and the need for a user-oriented taxonomy. But I can't quite agree with the statement that it cannot "be assured that they have found everything that they're looking for" when one searches based on folksonomies/tags. It might not be as reliable as a search for traditional content following the corporate taxonomy. But because you cannot predict the intent of the searcher, you won't know if one or the other result sets are more relevant. Especially with the increase in user generated content on internal portals, the likelihood of finding relevant search results in more current and user-tagged content will rise sharply.

Any other opinions on this recurring controversy?

Best Regards,
Michael Dieterle

VP of Knowledge Management, arcplan

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