Is this KM? Really? #name

Tom <tman9999@...>

Surfing KM job postings today I came across one for a Knowledge Management Consultant.

The description opens by saying that "The individuals will help integrate InQuira with leading CRM packages."  And then goes on to list off the following as required experience:

    * 1-2 years of Enterprise Software consulting and implementation experience
    * High level of proficiency with Java, J2EE, and JSP programming
    * Proficient with HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, SQL, JavaScript
    * Proficient with Linux, Solaris, and Windows environments
    * Ability to work on multiple projects at any given time
    * Must be willing to travel

High level of proficiency with Java, J2EE, and JSP programming. Really? Isn't that actually what software jockeys do? Maybe system integration? Sure isn't KM the way I have practiced it for the last 15 years. You?

So what the heck has happened to "knowledge management"? It's already old hat - the whole terminology debate we have had off and on amongst ourselves. But maybe now is the time for us to join forces and either reclaim the concept of "KM", or agree on a new turn of phrase that describes well what it is we focus on and do.


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