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Thanks Matt - that's a great point.


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CSIRO here in Australia have a decent programme. I believe that they give their retired scientists deskspace and encourage them to come in and talk to the young 'uns.


I would observe that I have comparatively little loyalty to my former employers. However I have a lot of loyalty to my former colleagues. Which leads to wonder whether organizations should run alumni programmes themselves or simply provide tools and opportunities that allow their current employees to stay in contact with their former ones.



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Lots of companies have Alumni Networks for former employees (LinkedIn is full of them!).

Are any of them are really used effectively as a way to access key "retired knowledge and expertise"?
Or do they really just serve a social function (still valued by the members, but not really prized the company)?

Does anyone have any good examples to share, where an organisation is working strategically with its alumni network to continue to involve them and retain access to their know-how?

I'm hoping that SIs are better at this than your average big company...
Grateful for any examples - good or bad.
Many thanks,

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