Re: Alumni networks... Knowledge retention strategy or Social club? #knowledge-retention

Andrew Gent <ajgent@...>

I just want to add my agreement to what Matt and Stan said. Matt's original observation "I have a lot of loyalty to my former colleagues..." and Stan's specific example (since I worked with both Stan and Birgit and would readily help either one at the drop of a hat).

I'd also like to point out an interesting twist to this phenomena. Which is that the KM capacity of any individual employee often multiplies exponentially with the friendships they have made at previous employments. I now work in a very small company -- currently about 14 people. Many who are in their twenties and thirties; some, like myself, older. At least once a week someone asks "does anyone know..." More often than not, the question is answered within 30 minutes by one or more people connecting with former colleagues or people they have met at conferences.

Our company is small. But when it comes to getting information, it seems like we have hundreds of people at our fingertips, all due to benefiting from the opposite end of the sort of "loyalty" Matt refers to.

--Andrew Gent

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