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Robert Steele <robert.david.steele.vivas@...>

Am just shaking my head.  You guys are all brilliant and professional and you know so very little about what is going on outside your little spaces.  Any form of Wiki is child's play compared to the possibility of actually getting your humans to talk to each other and other humans--it's called Collective Intelligence and Cognitive Surplus.  I won't belabor the point, here are two links to help you.  The first is my graphic created in the 1990's that shows the four quadrants (I have been in Quadrant III since 1992, cannot get anyone to really understand they need Quadrant IV which was conceptualized by Wilensky in 1964).  The second link is my HUMINT trilogy.  Until you all understand that you are in the business of converting information into intelligence (decision-support), rather than simply managing bits and bytes to create pictures, you will not be part of the long-term solution.  Sorry, I am rough, comes with the territory, no offense is intended.  Consider it tough love.

Graphic: Four Quadrants J-2 High Cell SMS Low

2010: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Trilogy Updated

For extra credit:

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Eras

Graphic: Information Pathologies

Graphic: Six Circles–Earth Intelligence Network Operational Concept

Graphic: Epoch B Multinational Network Rising

Graphic: Open Everything

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