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Patrick Lambe

Sorry coming in late to this discussion. I'd be happy to help do any transporting of content.

In terms of platform I'd personally incline to Wikispaces. Google is apt to make big decisions in favour of new strategies. Wikispaces is a pure wiki company, and so more likely to be stable in the longer run.

I'm always in favour of sharing, but there are always coordination costs when communities try to collaborate. I think it's simpler and more realistic to view all of these things as volunteer efforts by individuals (who may belong to multiple communities) and foster cross-linking and compatibility wherever possible.

Thanks for your stewardship Cory!


Patrick Lambe

Have you seen our new KM Planning Toolkit?   

On Oct 16, 2010, at 6:58 PM, Cory Banks wrote:

A big thankyou to all those who responded to my questions.

It is amazing to actually see the number of similar repositories out there. It puts me in two minds as to whether we should go on with the Knowledge Bucket as a stand alone space or combine it with one of the following sites:
I have backed up all the content for now. Looking at our requirements we will probably look at going with either Google Sites or Wikispaces for a platform and may combine our efforts with existing sites on either of those platforms.

A bigger question I would like to pose is: 

What could we achieve if we combined our efforts?

I would bet that almost all of us deal with the challenge of multiple repositories duplicating content across our organisations/communities/groups and work towards opening up the doors and allowing others to leverage existing content and not duplicate/reinvent the wheel.

What could we achieve if we combined our efforts?

In coming together as a global community of practice with a number of regional and industry specific communities...

What could we achieve?


Cory Banks


On 12 October 2010 21:07, Cory Banks <cory.banks@...> wrote:
Some of you would be aware of the Knowledge Bucket ( that we kicked off nearly two years ago and many KM practitioners have signed up to and contributed.

It was with great shock that I received an email from Mindtouch ( providers) telling me that their free service is being switched off at the end of November.

I am treating this as an opportunity and seek your advice and experience in how we move forward.

My questions are as follows. Please respond to one or more that you feel you can contribute to.

  1. Is there an existing repository that we can migrate the content to?

  2. What sort of platform should we consider for kbucket II ? (Wiki, collaboration space etc...)

  3. What free, hosted, wysiwyg wiki/content management tool experiences have you had?

  4. Would you be interested and available to help with the design and migration to the new improved bucket?


Cory Banks


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