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I’m still working on the outcome. This is just the analysis of the data.



At a first glance it appears there are two major areas:

·         KM Resources (Events, Blogs, Groups, Books, Experts, Journals etc...)

·         KM Tools & Techniques (Approaches, Methods, Tools and related disciplines)


The outcome is looking something like the attached, an example of putting some learning to fly content in the structure.

I have also loaded this to http://web.archive.org/web/20180721222135/http://knowledgebucket.wikispaces.com/Bucket+Architecture




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Sorry Cory, it was not immediately apparent to me what the outcome was from your comprehensive analysis output.

Could you summarize your analysis for people like me with short attention spans?



David Williams


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Thank you to those who participated in the card sorting exercise.



Some interesting trends. Let me know what you think.

On 20 October 2010 22:00, Cory Banks <cory.banks@...> wrote:

So in setting up the new bucket, I am going to take the opportunity to fine tune the structure and I would like you to help me.


Most would understand that a wiki provides colalborative content editing but doesn't necessarily give you smarts around managing information architecture/navigation that you get from a content management platform. It becomes a manual process.


So I would like to ask a favour.


I seek your input to one of the following card sorting exercises to see if any of us can even partially agree on how to structure the Bucket.


The reason there are two studies is to take advantage of the wonderful limitations provided by the free version of the online card sorting tool (max of ten participants per study). The cards in each study are identical. First in, best dressed.

Thanks in advance.


On 16 October 2010 20:58, Cory Banks <cory.banks@...> wrote:

A big thankyou to all those who responded to my questions.


It is amazing to actually see the number of similar repositories out there. It puts me in two minds as to whether we should go on with the Knowledge Bucket as a stand alone space or combine it with one of the following sites:

·         Boston SIKM Group wiki (PBWorks)

·         The Transitioner Wiki

·         Knowledge Sharing Toolkit (Wikispaces)

·         Affiliating with SIKM Leaders using Wikispaces

·         Information & Knowledge Resource Kit - Australian River Restoration Centre (Self hosted mediawiki)

·         KM4DEV (Self hosted mediawiki)

·         Google Sites - ( Had built the Bucket workspace on here)

I have backed up all the content for now. Looking at our requirements we will probably look at going with either Google Sites or Wikispaces for a platform and may combine our efforts with existing sites on either of those platforms.


A bigger question I would like to pose is: 


What could we achieve if we combined our efforts?


I would bet that almost all of us deal with the challenge of multiple repositories duplicating content across our organisations/communities/groups and work towards opening up the doors and allowing others to leverage existing content and not duplicate/reinvent the wheel.


What could we achieve if we combined our efforts?

In coming together as a global community of practice with a number of regional and industry specific communities...


What could we achieve?



On 12 October 2010 21:07, Cory Banks <cory.banks@...> wrote:

Some of you would be aware of the Knowledge Bucket (knowledgebucket.wik.is) that we kicked off nearly two years ago and many KM practitioners have signed up to and contributed.


It was with great shock that I received an email from Mindtouch (wik.is providers) telling me that their free service is being switched off at the end of November.


I am treating this as an opportunity and seek your advice and experience in how we move forward.


My questions are as follows. Please respond to one or more that you feel you can contribute to.


1.      Is there an existing repository that we can migrate the content to?

2.      What sort of platform should we consider for kbucket II ? (Wiki, collaboration space etc...)

3.      What free, hosted, wysiwyg wiki/content management tool experiences have you had?

4.      Would you be interested and available to help with the design and migration to the new improved bucket?




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