Web 2.0 #social-media

Steven Wieneke <swieneke@...>

I recently sent the following series of questions to the Midwest KM Community in an attempt to encourage other Midwest members to attend our monthly f-2-f lunch meetings and to continue the dialog. Stan asked that I post the questions on the SIKM Leaders Community discussion board.


During our January Midwest KM Community lunch/meeting, we discussed using Web 2.0 tools to ask and find answers to questions. On the way back to my office, I ask myself (in the context of a work environment), why is everyone asking one another so many questions? [Rhetorical question, yes, there are many reasons.]


Q2: Has the company provided enough training, instructions, user guides, intuitive software, and searchable references?


Q3: If easier to ask than find, what if the support and references they need were in their natural work stream, when and where they most likely need it?


Q4: If asking one another questions is working, why not stop spending resources on training, instructions, user guides, intuitive software, searchable references?


Any thoughts?

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