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Thanks for the kind words.  Being based in Singapore, I wonder if you see a difference in the way KM, taxonomies, info arch are being practiced in the Asia/Pacific region vs. the North America/European region?




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They still stand the test of time!




Patrick Lambe


Have you seen our new KM Planning Toolkit?   







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Thanks Matt and Patrick for a good description of four common “fairy tales.”


You may also be interested in “Ten taxonomy myths” published in the Montague Institute Review in 2002.




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I had the pleasure of discussing some "taxonomy fairy tales" with the excellent 
Patrick Lambe recently. An 11 minute video of covering search engines, 
auto-categorization, governance and experts is now available.

YouTube version:
Vimeo version:

(N.B. Both versions are identical - so choose your platform)

Patrick's Australian Taxonomy Workshop:





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