Getting KM right! (4 functions and 12 constructs) #blogs

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Excerpt from the blog - please follow the link to the full article if you are interested:

For a while now we have talked about the need to manage the 'whole' KM process. We're not the only ones, this article in The Hindu, an interview with Sandhya Shekhar, the CEO of the Chennai-based IIT Madras Research Park, shows that people are talking about the same things, but the way to operationalise the "weaving" or integration of KM within the wider organisation is not necessarily clear - It is almost like an ideal, something we talk about without being sure of how to actually do it.

Sounds like a challenge...

So, what do we mean and where's the evidence?

Cutting through the jargon and the hype, this is it. First the evidence process...with links to our other blog posts to help bring some extra context to what we're discussing

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