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Neil -

Here is a good article highlighting some metrics and approaches at Accenture:

I have developed a variety of different scorecards/measurement frameworks for various KM and related initiatives. One of my favorite metrics for CoPs is based on social network analysis (SNA). It's a longer-term metric that is based on measuring the change in density and scope of connections within a CoP. You use SNA to create a baseline for a CoP, then conduct an SNA again six months to a year later. Changes in density, strength scores, and breadth become possible indicators of CoP effectiveness/activity. As a control you can go a step further and conduct an SNA for a similar group of employees who are not engaged in a CoP.

Good luck with your effort - are you going to share what you learn??


--- In, Neil Olonoff <olonoff@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I've just completed an interim version of my KM strategy plan for Army
Medicine, and need some industry metrics to benchmark against. If
anyone has a source or link to KM metrics (for example, Community of
Practice support, content management, best practices, collaboration)
please let me know.

In addition, if anyone in government would like to read and review the
plan, please drop me an email.

thanks very much,

Neil Olonoff

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