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Hi, Beeta -
This is a great question, and i am looking forward to hearing what you get from this great group. You are going to get a lot of input on the policy, protocol, privacy, courtesy, and "boundaries" of a network. Here's a good article on this: HR Executive: A Social media Dillemma by Andrew McIlvaine 1/9/2012. 
So, I'll try to be more focused on the quality of conversation: Below are ground rules we're using in the discussion forum in Larry Prusak's and my course on Networks and Collaboration as part of Columbia University's Information and Knowledge Strategy Masters program. The students will actually be self-evaluating on these lines throughout their discussions during the course.  (Apologies for the font.)

Discussion Ground rules

1. Integrity (Use your true voice, no “parroting” without thought. Research your views before you speak. Ask good questions.)
2.Courtesy (Respect others and the forum.)
3.Inclusion (Increase, rather than narrow, participation in a thread. For example, explain new terms for all to comprehend.)
4. Translation (Summarize and use the insights shared and generated, and help others with their summarizations.)
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Dear all,

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share the usage policy/rules they have for governing workspaces like Yammer.  I am thinking of developing something for usage in spaces we use with external consultants and/or clients and would love to see some models before creating one of my own.


Beeta S. Tahmassebi


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