Re: User policy for external facing Yammer site #Yammer #governance

Nicky Hayward-Wright

Further to Kate's list you might wish to review the attached guidelines which I have developed for GS1 Australia. The focus of these guidelines is on internal use, however the guidelines form the foundation for all online exchanges by staff, contractors or external participants.

Some additional considerations:

  • Administration (+ some questions)
    • joining, removing,
    • monitoring, evaluating
    • deciding if group is open or closed
    • deciding if it is best to set up a group or external network¬†
    • tone of group: formal / informal (which may dictate some IM practices)
    • relationships across groups and networks - how will this affect access and flow of information and knowledge sharing?
    • adding acceptable use policy to site (could be as simple as "Do Good" or more detailed as decided on by the group) > in Yammer you can set this to be read each time a person logs in.
  • Help & support - assign someone to answer how to questions, assist with technical issues, push how to use features / new features
  • Moderation - assign someone that ensure appropriateness of conversations (behaviour, IP) - you may have moderation by a subject matter expert
  • Guidelines covering
    • online behaviour
    • IP (inc copyright, confidentiality, etc.)
    • IM - eg. what content should be stored in Yammer versus in the organisation's document management system; what happens with content and insigts when a group or site closes with content?

Hope this gives you some food for thought.


Nicky Hayward-Wright
Advisor, Knowledge Management
GS1 Australia

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