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Hi Dan,

Syngenta aren't the only ones to compliment you with imitation.

This is from Internal Audit in Philips Electronics (no business connection with ConocoPhillips).  I mentioned your approach to them as a great example which connected knowledge-sharing behaviours and recognition, and within a month they'd implemented this:




Eager to win, Take ownership and Team up to excel – modeling the new Internal Audit organization. We have linked the 6G’s that we came up with when shaping the Knowledge Management approach to these behaviors.



-         Eager to win – he/she takes a customer centric approach, his/her perspective is outside in.

1.    Grab – for who has grabbed knowledge from another business

2.    Grow – for who has helped creating value in the emerging markets


-         Take ownership – he/she is not afraid to take courageous decisions, focuses on results over activity/processes.

1.    Guts – for who had the courage to share when something has gone wrong

2.    Gather – for who has consolidated knowledge for better results


-         Team up to excel – he/she is a good collaborator, celebrates success, and likes to learn, improve, develop.

1.    Glue – for who has created synergies in a large company like Philips, bringing together departments, grouping teams that use to work more against each other than with each other etc.

2.    Give – for who has shared/given valuable knowledge



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Matt -- I am glad to share a small piece of our knowledge sharing ecosystem that relates to how we have built and seek to sustain a culture of collaboration.  Regards, Dan


Motivation, Recognition and Reward


In 2005, ConocoPhillips introduced its Archimedes Awards to recognize business units and regions for the four primary types of behaviors that an effective knowledge sharing-enabled culture requires.  The awards, known informally as the 4G’s, symbolize giving, grabbing and gathering knowledge, along with spilling one’s “guts” to prevent others from having to repeat painful lessons learned.


Regions select their top success story testimonials, and 10 are recognized as Success Stories of the Year.


On an individual basis, ConocoPhillips also recognizes the most outstanding networks through the Network of the Year award.  Three networks are nominated quarterly by the global governing body of high-level program sponsors, based upon several criteria of collaboration and networking performance.  Four networks are yearly selected as Networks of the Year.  Being nominated is considered a high honor within the company.  The awards have become highly respected symbols of global collaboration.


Regions and certain functions have created their own rewards to recognize people at a local level. For example, the North Sea Business Unit and the Operations Excellence function let people recognize their peers for outstanding efforts that promote knowledge and collaboration.



As further evidence of the strength of the Archimedes Network of the Year award, in 2011, ConocoPhillips introduced the Hall of Honors to recognize networks which have produced superior results year over year.  Networks which have won the title of Network of the Year three or more times are named into the Hall of Honors and retain the honor for three years. Afterwards, they are eligible again to compete for Network of the Year. 


The Hall of Honors represents a significant milestone in the growth and maturity of the ConocoPhillips Knowledge Sharing program and enables the recognition of more noteworthy networks.


Imitation is the sincerest form of compliment

ConocoPhillips has featured its “4G” approach numerous times during presentations at KM consortia and benchmarking meetings.  One company, Switzerland-based Syngenta, has developed the Tree Awards, based on ConocoPhillips’ 4G’s.  Syngenta is one of the world's leading agribusinesses with more than 24,000 employees in over 90 countries

ConocoPhillips has been pleased to share its success with the Network of the Year and 4G’s whenever asked.


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I'm teaching a class on organisational culture 101 as part of a knowledge management masters in a couple of weeks. As part of this, I thought I'd ask you practitioners out there one thing that you have learned about working with organisational culture. Interpret the theme how you will. You can tell a story. You can reply to the list(s) or to me off list.


The flip-side is that I will compile the responses and make them available on a website (with your permission and anonymised if necessary) - probably the knowledge bucket if it's still in full effect.


Over to you...



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