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What I’ve learned is that there are situations in which a culture cannot be changed for very good reasons.  This then forces a reformulation of the KM mantra from “changing the culture” to “given the existing culture, what can KM do?  This, IMHO, leads to a need for a paradigm shift in KM.  Enter the concept of knowledge manageability and management regimes.


More information available upon request.


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I'm teaching a class on organisational culture 101 as part of a knowledge management masters in a couple of weeks. As part of this, I thought I'd ask you practitioners out there one thing that you have learned about working with organisational culture. Interpret the theme how you will. You can tell a story. You can reply to the list(s) or to me off list.


The flip-side is that I will compile the responses and make them available on a website (with your permission and anonymised if necessary) - probably the knowledge bucket if it's still in full effect.


Over to you...



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