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Alister Webb <alister@...>

Hi Lisa,

The two names you mentioned - SharePoint and Jive - are interesting because they approach content management from opposite ends of the spectrum. SharePoint as a big database organised in a fairly standard hierarchical fashion with a bit of social media tacked on. Jive is the reverse, a social media engine with some formal content management. I'm generalising a bit, but that's the essence of it.

So before you tackle choice of systems, you should have a clear vision whether a more formal and structured mode of content management is of greatest value to your organisation, or whether collaboration and communication (speed of knowledge and information flow) are higher value. 

I can tell you from experience that a solid conceptual vision of what you value in this regard will make product selection much easier. The ones you mentioned are not similar products, they address very different visions.


Alister Webb

On 10 May 2012 03:55, lfraley70 <olivlisa@...> wrote:


Does anyone have an outline or ppt presentation around Content Management Systems? (i.e. Sharepoint, Jive, etc)with basic info, pros, cons, etc. We are just starting to look at implementing a system and any information you can share on this subject would be extremely helpful.


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