Re: Job Opening in Kalamazoo, MI: Program Knowledge Analyst #jobs

Matthew Loxton

I did apply for the job but also had that sense of "umm..ok...but what does this position actually DO?"
It looks like somebody who read an article in the LIS journal wrote the job description - is it Library Science or is it Knowledge Management, is it about archival or putting knowledge to work?

I await a response with baited breath - well not too baited because 99% of HR departments never get back to applicants and selection is a matter of planetary conjunctions, sunspot activity, and random number generation :)

One might think that having undergrad in Information Science and a postgrad degree in knowledge management and having occupied director level roles in knowledge management would make the response rate less random when applying for jobs that have something to do with knowledge management, but if you do, might I interest you in a bridge?

Matthew Loxton
"Putting knowledge assets to work"

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