Re: Examples of People Pages/Employee profiles to share #profiles

Dean Testa

We started using SharePoint 2010 MySite functionality beginning in October 2011. Currently it is almost completely "out of the box", but we are looking at adding fields to support syncing some content from our HR systems.  Also under consideration is a way to include a list of "MyProjects" (both current and past) on each profile page. 

I am also interested in utilizing LinkedIn plugins , but fear I might be losing that battle. 


--- In sikmleaders@..., "lfraley70" wrote:
> Hello,
> We are looking to see what others are doing in terms of the creation of People Pages/Employee profiles and the content. Does anyone have a template or examples of a page you have created at your company that works well that you would like to share? Thanks very much.
> Lisa

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