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I missed the original post – sorry!


I have several examples of Yammer, Jive, Confluence and Newsgator integration with SharePoint for customers.


I have had most success with Jive as it is the most comprehensive platform (provides chat, IM, blogs, wikis, project workspaces, etc.) that can be adapted and configured to best suit the needs of the group or team’s intent as well as runs the gamut of formal to informal.


Yammer and the others are more singular (Yammer is organizational Facebook/Twitter, Confluence is wiki) and thus can present a challenge if their use case does not meet organizational needs. However all have enterprise integration with SharePoint so could be part of organizational “social strategy” to augment native SP KM capabilities (admittedly weak on social).


After the MSFT acquisition of Yammer, MSFT and Yammer presented a roadmap for further integration of Yammer into the 2016 version of SharePoint as well as product development roadmap for Yammer to increase enterprise computing functionality (beyond the “Facebooky” features it currently provides which are more tailored to SMB <100 employees).


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Thanks for the reply Stan!

Hopefully the lack of replies is not indicative of the usage of Yammer with SharePoint ... of course in the interim Microsoft went out and bought Yammer so that could change in the future.


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