"Hit a Button" - can you help? #SNA-ONA-VNA

Ranta, Dan <dan.ranta@...>

"Hit a Button" - can you help?

Recently an executive asked me - "can you help me so I can just 'hit a button?'" Let me explain. We have done a fair amount of Social / Organizational Network Analysis work and have plenty of collaboration going on...so people want more and more including analytical insights. The "hit a button" is referring to being able to have immediate access to our networking and collaborative patterns. So you can see this for individuals and between individuals and across areas of the company.

I have seen several presentations from software vendors over the years, but has anyone really put this into play? Does anyone have an easy, automatic way to see pictures or snapshots of how employees are collaborating -- based on usage of internal systems, IM, email, etc? I need some real case studies to think through - no "vaporware" please. Thanks, Dan

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