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Laurence Lock Lee

I've been tracking this for over a decade ... since Tacit came out with an email mapping system in the late 1990s. My take on the status quo:

- tracking email is problematic. Privacy concerns have turned customers away...have seen 3 firms fail chasing use media that people have 'volunteered' to use by contributing posts etc.
- tracking social media patterns offer the most promise, but Linkedin, Facebook only allow you to look at your own network.
- you can map Twitter data, but usually only for limited periods with NodeXL and its not really just a push of the button (but close)
- I have been looking for organisations that have used social media universally across the organisation. Many say they do. When you look under the cover, usually not. So what is the value of tracking collaboration patterns of only those that are using social media? I'd be interested in talking to any organisation that is confident that their internal social media usage is truly reflective of their collaboration patterns. Email is probably the closest we have ...but see point #1.
- Looked at sharepoint forums and have mapped sharepoint activity, but no-one seems to like the forums and now that Microsoft has bought Yammer....I'd prefer to go there.
- We have been working with our Italian partners on a 'Social Business Dashboard' concept that has a 'Hit a button' objective...but will not post a it could end up vapourware.
- I did put this blog post together though which I called Social Analytics 2.0 because I wanted to differentiate the social capital patterns we work with from the simple activity measures that the social networking tools have now:

...which gives you an idea of where we are taking this....hopefully we will get there soon!

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This notion of "hitting a button" to see the social network of collaboration
has been talked about for such a long time I think of it as one of the holy
grails. Some companies that I looked and and some that I worked with
include: Entopia, Trampoline Systems, and Morphix Metasight (this one seems
to be still doing something). I think IBM's Connections does this as well.

One year at Enterprise 2.0 I made a point of asking collaboration vendors
whether they did or had plans to collect network data. Some had no idea what
I was talking about and others said they might think about it. But if
customers don't ask for it vendors won't do it. So, executives (and
purchasers of big collaboration platforms) have to start asking vendors.


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I was just thinking about this over on my blog as well... what does
collaboration look like? What do you (or the executive) expect to "see" when
collaboration is happening? What problem is collaboration supposed to be
solving? The answer to this is going to vary depending on the context of the

If you want to get metrics on things like quantity and spread of use of
these tools (email, IM, etc), I would think any number of vendors would be
happy to provide such data. Maybe some ongoing pictures of the SNA within
the organization, based on this data could show "interesting" patterns. But
then delving into the patterns is what might tell you something (or not).


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"Hit a Button" - can you help?

Recently an executive asked me - "can you help me so I can just 'hit a
button?'" Let me explain. We have done a fair amount of Social /
Organizational Network Analysis work and have plenty of collaboration going people want more and more including analytical insights. The "hit a
button" is referring to being able to have immediate access to our
networking and collaborative patterns. So you can see this for individuals
and between individuals and across areas of the company.

I have seen several presentations from software vendors over the years, but
has anyone really put this into play? Does anyone have an easy, automatic
way to see pictures or snapshots of how employees are collaborating -- based
on usage of internal systems, IM, email, etc? I need some real case studies
to think through - no "vaporware" please. Thanks, Dan

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