Introduction - Alexis Adair, IKNS master's student #learning #personal

Alexis Adair

Greetings SIKM Leaders,

I just wanted to introduce myself since I'm new to this group (although I've already joined in on some of the SIKM Boston conference calls this year). I'm a master's student in Columbia's Information and Knowledge Strategy program, and as a member of the first cohort of the program, I'll finish my coursework and capstone research project this December. My capstone research is on KM and Happiness - exploring the psychological mechanisms by which knowledge management practices can contribute to employee well-being.

I'm on LinkedIn and Twitter, and I blog occasionally (though not much recently, since I've been working on the Capstone). I'm eager to learn from the broader KM community, and I recognize a lot of names on here whose publications I've read or conference presentations I've attended. I've already found several useful discussions and resources in the existing messages and topics.

If I can answer any questions about the IKNS program, or the perspective/perceptions of a relative newcomer to the field, I'd be happy to.

I'm very pleased to "meet" you all, and I look forward to being involved in this community!

Alexis Adair
Twitter: @xaether

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