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Stuart French <sjfrenc@...>

I have a book at home Cory, I'll see if I can find it tonight.

Business Victoria have a Small Business mentoring program that I have heard is quite good at linking people up.  Details here and I am sure these sorts of services exist in most cities: 

Stu French.

On 17 September 2012 22:52, Cory Banks <cory.banks@...> wrote:

Fellow KMers,

I will be running a workshop in a few weeks on designing mentoring programs that work.

Whilst applying my experiences with program design, change management and knowledge transfer, I was wanting to provide a list of specific reading on mentoring models and practices.

What would you recommend as far as books, blogs or articles on mentoring?

I have sites from:
I'll be updating the Mentoring page on the Knowledge Bucket ( with the references I collect and your contributions. 

Thanks in advance!

Cory Banks

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