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Nancy Dixon

In my experience each community needs the flexibility to organize their information in the way that fits the type of knowledge they are discussing. As the community meets to discusses topics and answer each other's questions, they began to identify knowledge that they would like to make available to everyone. I remember one software community that was most interested in cataloging pieces of code, pre-developed components, that could be re-used. Engineers often want their technical specification organized like a spreadsheet. Company command first organized their information by type, eg. lessons learned, tools, etc. and after a few years reorganized it by the tasks that every commander has to do, e.g. physical training, safety, leadership. I would encourage that the choice of information architecture be left to each specific community.


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I have been asked to provide information about communities (CoPs) to our
Information Architecture folks that will inform them how to best structure
community spaces in SharePoint 2010.

Most of my thinking about CoPs has to do with personal interaction,
facilitation, and such. I haven't thought much about the "information
architecture" of a CoP space.

I wonder if any of you have any tips on this issue.

thanks in advance ....


Neil Olonoff

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