"Big data" - does it have anything to do with knowledge management? #data-science

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>


Over the last 18 months, I've been unable to avoid the phrase 'big data". It's a buzz term that covers a lot of different activities and tools. It's vague but it's not meaningless and I'm deliberately not going to define it in this email. I've written an introductory article that provides on the topic that should come out in a few months (ah, the joys of the traditional publishing process). I'm thinking of following it up with an article that features some specific examples and also some quotes from people that have interesting opinions on the topic. My angle is very much from an information management / knowledge management perspective rather than, say, a pure data analytics perspective.

So my questions are: Does the term "Big Data" mean anything to you? And does it have anything to do with knowledge management?

Thanks in advance.

Matt Moore

BTW For anyone I do quote in the article, I will always ask your permission to do so first.

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