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Can you tell us which industry this is and what the workers do? How many of them are there? What is the level of staff turnover like? Do they keep notes already? (I'm guessing from your comments below that they don't). What exactly does the organisation want them to record?

You get them using OneNote. Or SharePoint. Or some combination of the two:

However I suspect that the main issues are 1. Clearly articulating what the organisation wants recording & why; and 2. Articulating the WIIFM for workers. At the moment, it all seems it a bit vague - and hence likely to end in an unsatisfactory manner for all concerned.



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They would like to enable their employees to capture personal insights and valuable experiences which would normally be forgotten or lost when the employee leaves the company. OneNote is one of the tools being considered for this purpose - perhaps the OneNote file could be stored on a SharePoint site where it could be shared with others or exposed through search.

I realize that this is not a purely technological problem and thus cannot be solved with technology alone. However, I'd like to know what you've seen in the field for PKM for large groups of employees, esp. with MS tools such as SharePoint, OneNote, etc? Some people will take detailed notes, others will see it as a chore. How do we make it accessible to as many employees as possible? The client would also like to be able to monitor and report on the progress - i.e. demonstrate the business value.

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