Ten dirty little secrets KM leaders can't ignore - #1: People are lazy #discussion-starter

gordonvalawebb <gvalawebb@...>

I recently read Stewart Thornhill's article "Ten dirty little secrets of successful entrepreneurs" from the Ivey School of Business. I thought many of them, with some adaptation, could apply to KM and innovation leadership (since we typically have to be entreprenurial in order to be successful).

I largely took his list and give it a KM / innovation twist. I thought, for the purposes of discussion, I'd put them out one at a time. For the full list see my blog post at http://www.dynamicadaptation.com/?p=294

So - from the ten dirty secrets for KM / innovation leaders - here's # 1:

1. People are lazy:

They are looking for the lowest-effort way to do something. This has implications for when we introduce new capabilities. They inherently feel, at the beginning, as if they are or will be more work than the old way of doing things. This also applies to organizational leaders – they want the easiest, least effort, way for them (so you have to make it easy for them to understand what you are doing).

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