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Nicky Hayward-Wright

Hi Katharine

You may wish to look at using a Social Bookmarking tool for management of your resource list.  I would suggest something like Diigo which incorporates tagging, annotating, commenting, creating lists, creating groups (public and private). With Diigo you can also import from Google Docs, export to de.licious, auto post to a blog and twitter

Some things to consider with social bookmarking tools (eg. Diigo)
  • You need will need to develop and agree upon a taxonomy and encourage the group to use the predefined words as all the social bookmarking tools I have used are based on folksonomy (user defined terms). You will find that people will add words that relate to them, so be prepared to add the 'predefined terms' and do tag cleanups.
  • Using the list function can help group similar content (and overcome the worry of people not using a taxonomy); i.e. while a resource can have multiple tags it can belong a list so it can be easily found. For example a resource on 'crowd funding' might be tagged with  crowdfunding, funding, finance, crowdsourcing, etc.... The list the resource belongs to is crowd funding.
  • Unfortunately Diigo does not have a rating system. My suggestion is that you develop a process to verify resources; eg. people can post there resources, however only resources which have been verified are added to lists.
  • I'm not sure what metrics you are looking for so can't comment on this one - though Diigo doesn't have metrics (that I'm aware of)
There are many social bookmarking tools, so you may find one that meets all your criteria. I have found that diigo offers alot for a low cost or free. 


Nicky Hayward-Wright
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On 4 January 2013 03:33, Katharine Bierce <kbierce@...> wrote:

Hi there,

Along with others such as Belinda Chiang and Bert-Ola Bergstrom, I have compiled a pretty comprehensive online resource for social innovation and impact investment platforms.

The social innovation community needs to build something better than a Google Doc, though.  It should be searchable, with a good taxonomy, updatable and editable by each participant in the ecosystem, with appropriate quality controls and metrics.

Do any of you have suggestions on how to best organize this knowledge?



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