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Andre <andregalitsky@...>

Thanks to everyone who replied - I really appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day,


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I think Matt and Stephen have hit on exactly the right points (first and
foremost: what is the business value? Secondly that social networking
platforms can - although they are tricky - can have some of the effect
you're looking for (plus many others)).
Three ideas I'd offer:
1. there can be a business continuity risk (i.e. key player(s) who
could leave at any time) that can be a strong business driver (but
requires the organization to be focused on where that risk really is).
You can build on top of existing risk processes to find and mitigate
these risks
2. K transfer from departing staff to existing (or even future staff)
is very context dependent - you likely need a portfolio of approaches
(e.g. have them write stuff down (and there are various ways to do that)
or pair newbie with "oldie" in overlap period or do a video taped
interview or put "oldie" on retainer to answer questions once they've
left or . . .
3. Its not just the "K" - it can also the hand off of relationships /

All the best,

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They would like to enable their employees to capture personal insights
and valuable experiences which would normally be forgotten or lost when
the employee leaves the company. OneNote is one of the tools being
considered for this purpose - perhaps the OneNote file could be stored
on a SharePoint site where it could be shared with others or exposed
through search.

I realize that this is not a purely technological problem and thus
cannot be solved with technology alone. However, I'd like to know what
you've seen in the field for PKM for large groups of employees, esp.
with MS tools such as SharePoint, OneNote, etc? Some people will take
detailed notes, others will see it as a chore. How do we make it
accessible to as many employees as possible? The client would also like
to be able to monitor and report on the progress - i.e. demonstrate the
business value.

Thank you for your replies,


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My first reaction is to ask what is meant by personal knowledge
management. There are a variety of answers to the question based on
what is meant by personal knowledge management. For instance, part of
my personal strategy for my knowledge management is to post it to a
blog. Another part of the strategy is copious notes in OneNote...
That's backed up by a library of word and PDF documents... What is it
that they want to help people manage? Step-by-step procedures?

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My first reaction is that I can't think of much "personal" about
SharePoint, but there are some possibilities if you can hook
intelligently into Outlook (where people spend FAR too much of their
time). Like the widgets that show network activity of people in an
email - both within the SharePoint network and in the larger network,
such as on LinkedIn. Maybe there is something similar for Yammer?

And SharePoint does have capability for blogs and personal file
shares. But I don't know how effective people are finding these tools -
and how likely they are to use them, even if they do exist.


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On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 8:47 AM, Andre > wrote:
I'm working on developing a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)
solution for a potential client. They're a Microsoft shop and want to
leverage SharePoint 2010 and other MS tools (OneNote, etc.). Just
wondering if anyone can share their thoughts/experiences on doing
something like this.

Thank you for your time.

Andre Galitsky
Richmond, VA


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