Ten dirty little secrets KM leaders can't ignore - #1: People are lazy #discussion-starter

gordonvalawebb <gvalawebb@...>

People are impatient:
If you make your people (be they participants or leaders) wait too long for gratification you will use them. So you need to give your participants some immediate payoff for their interaction with your system - and you need to demonstrate real, tangible, positive change to leadership at least every six months.

Background: This is from my blog post http://web.archive.org/web/20130521055237/http://www.dynamicadaptation.com/?page_id=75

I recently read Stewart Thornhill's article "Ten dirty little secrets of successful entrepreneurs"  from the Ivey School of Business. I thought many of them, with some adaptation, could apply to KM and innovation leadership (since we typically have to be entreprenurial in order to be successful). So here are my ten dirty secrets for KM / innovation leaders . . .

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