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Stephen Bounds

Hi Neil,

My view is that Knowledge Management practitioners should consider all of the components you list as within their remit, ie KM should also concern itself with Org Development, Teamwork, Coaching, Interpersonal Communications, & Meeting Management.

Therefore, finding a new name for the above would also be replacing the term "Knowledge Management" with something else. The term is quite capable of being all-inclusive; the problem lies more in KM's often-noted image and reputation problem.

-- Stephen.

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On 6/03/2013 4:16 AM, Neil Olonoff wrote:

Stan, and all:

I posted this question to the Federal KM Initiative LinkedIn
group, and, since I respect this group, would like to have your

*/Can we create an enlightened "21st Century Organization Science"
that includes Knowledge Management, Org Development, Teamwork,
Coaching, Interpersonal Communications, & Meeting Management? /*

In my opinion knowledge management, though broad, is just one piece of
the "smart work" puzzle. In other words, it is not a silver bullet or
panacea. After all, if all the platform and infrastructure pieces are in
place, but there is no trust, information will not flow. Similarly,
teamwork, coaching, etc., listed above are "necessary but not
sufficient" to achieve a truly "smart" organization. Not surprising,
since organizations are not designed to be good at teaming and knowledge
sharing. They are designed to be efficient at 1) allowing management
visibility into actions 2) permitting upward reporting, and 3) similar
"scientific management" concerns. Brains at the top, worker bees at bottom.

I can envision a future, holistic organization science curriculum that
brings all the pieces of the puzzle together in a grand synthesis.

As a starting point: what would this future organization science be called?

Neil Olonoff

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