Re: Gamification in KM - real experiences #gamification

Stephen Bounds

Hi Tom,

I appreciate the link to the post, but fail to see how it's a "gamified" activity? It seems a pretty straightforward example of encouraging and empowering staff to be proud of the place they work to me...

-- Stephen.

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On 11/05/2013 9:36 AM, Tom Short wrote:
Here is a nice writeup about an enterprise gamifying a marketing-related
activity - and the great thing is, they don't even consider it

No points, no leaderboards - just solid implementation of game-based
design principles in a non-game situation. The aim is to harness
existing employee motivation, and provide some additional incentive for
them to do what they were inclined to do anyways. The result is a more
sustainable, and possibly farther reaching, effort to engage the
employees in supporting the brand building activities. For my money this
is the real stuff.

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