Re: Yammer - the conversation continues #Yammer

Michael Dieterle


Agree with Matt's sentiment. The majority of "social" projects fail for the same reason organizations are not ready to adopt a more open and transparent culture that would allow sharing of failures (HBR issue)!

I believe many people due to ubiquitous "social" experiences in their personal lives understand the concept's broader benefits, but are not ready yet to make the transition into the work environment. Pulling information when needed as opposed to spoon-fed emails and initiating conversations seen by the entire community instead of safer one on one communication are still major inhibiting factors for the adoption of productive online collaboration. It is still seen as counterproductive by many. Some feel overwhelmed, some still think it's wasting time.

However, Gartner gives us hints how we should tackle it: "leaders of social business initiatives need to shift their emphasis away from deciding which technology to implement. Instead they should focus on identifying how social initiatives will improve work practices for both individual contributors and managers"

It's not easy. But we do what we do because we like big challenges :)

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