Re: Do we still need the role of info broker/infomediary/knowledge broker? #roles

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>

"It is against this backdrop of informal, unofficial activity that I am pondering the merit of having formally designated positions, or roles, to fulfill this activity."Let me put it this way. I do a fair bit of knowledge broking* & frankly I would love to be shot of it. Have everyone answering each other's questions rather than bothering me? Awesome! There's a heap of more interesting stuff I would love to do.

But in the short term, that part of my job is (sadly) safe. ESNs are still embryonic in most organisations. Search, in many places, still sucks.

And part of it is a time thing. I sit in 90% of the meetings in the domain I cover. I read all the thought leadership in that domain. I even make certain people read certain things. As far as the organisation is concerned, it's my job to across all this stuff so other people don't have to be to the same extent.

All that above noted, as I mentioned in an earlier email, I do think the role of the knowledge broker is changing and in some respects it's less of the traditional matchmaker ("You are looking for X? Talk to Y?") and more like OKCupid.



*Not "knowledge borking" as autocorrect seems to think.

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