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Dan –


You just happened to hit on the center of my current universe – integrating technological and social approaches to KM.  It isn’t either/or; it is both.  Neither approach is sufficient in itself; both are necessary and must work together for KM to succeed.   Note that I didn’t say it would be easy to integrate these two disparate schools of thought.


Although still under development, I see social structures as having two aspects:  a hierarchy of drivers (e.g., engagement, trust, relationships, culture) and social interactions (sharing, collaboration, negotiation, and competition).  Note that traditional KM has little to say about the latter two (which involve conflicting goals), although they represent a majority of organizational activity (another new KM paradigm emerging!).  I haven’t done much about the drivers yet, but I have finished a social interaction framework that describes the latter.  A presentation is available at:


In my mind, the link between social structures (and technology) to business value is through their support of knowledge work which creates the value.  That’s the whole purpose of the knowledge services architecture that is currently under construction.




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I have drafted an internal social strategy, which in many ways, is simply a version of our Knowledge Sharing (KS) strategy.  The opportunity came up for us when several groups began talking about an internal social strategy as if it was completely disconnected from our KS strategy.  It also has come up in the context of facebook-like technology that promises to establish “enterprise social” overnight.


In any case, I would like to use this group as a sounding board – providing feedback on this subject and on the components I have included in our draft internal social strategy.


Components or Sections: 


  • Our Commitment on internal social
  • Reiteration of our KS Vision
  • Word on what a social strategy actually is about for us (creating and enhancing relationships / connections in the context of adding business value)
  • High-level, business-base value proposition statements connected to social
  • Final comment on our collective expectations of internal social



Thanks, Dan


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