Re: Professional Services KM Framework (Software Industry) #metrics #maturity

Thomas Blumer

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the two great references. I have looked at the APQC model in the past and like the fact that the assessment is tied to a benchmark. What is your experience with the acceptance of a KM audit/maturity model within a company (or the executives) when comparing a standardized solution like APQC to a homegrown one?

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 8:13 AM, Jeff Stemke <jstemke@...> wrote:

Here are two KM maturity models that I have worked with.

APQC KM Maturity model: covers a comprehensive range of topics (objectives, business case, budget, resources, change management, communition, processes, tools, metrics). Learn more:

Innovation Value Institute develops a number of IT-related capability models. They have one for Knowledge Asset Management ( This is tightly focused on repositories and distribution of the assets in the organization.

In practice I have used elements of multiple models to fit my organization's needs.


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