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Thomas Blumer

Hi Al,
Now, I have plenty of material to experiment with, thank you!
BTW: I found an interesting Knowledge Management Maturity comparison article in the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Vol. 12, No. 2, June 2011:
Best regards,
Thomas Blumer

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Thanks Thomas.  Anyone who admits to liking my stuff gets more!


There are lots of possible measures.  All of these can be absolute measures, percentages, relative to a baseline, or compared with best practices (e.g., APQC).  The following is not exhaustive – just off the top of my head.


Creation: See:

·         Publications, reports, presentations (research outputs)

·         Successful experiments, discoveries, new understanding (project success)

·         Lessons learned, management recommendations (organizational learning)

·         Innovations, prototypes, patents (products/services developed)  


Knowledge Management: See:

·         Repositories in place, documents stored, successful searches (managing assets)

·         Views, Downloads, conversations, interactions (knowledge sharing)

·         Active Communities, social networks, outputs harvested (collaboration)


Preservation: (See:

·         Expertise elicited, knowledge captured (continuously)

·         Legacy content available and searchable (future usefulness)

·         Job Blog in place (how knowledge work is actually done)


Use: See:

·         Distribution, accesses, views, downloads (passive knowledge transfer)

·         User interactions: explanations, consultations, demonstrations (active knowledge transfer)

·         Relevance, usability, timeliness (utility attributes)

·         User interactions: promotion, support, intervention (implementation support)

·         Implementation, application, use (the holy grail outcome!)


Al Simard


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Hi Al,


Thank you for sharing your framework. I particularly liked Figure 3: "Defense R&D Canada as a system"




From a professional Services perspective, does anyone has good KPIs for such a model? Things I could think of that are important, but maybe not the best metrics because they focus on activity instead of outcome are:



-Training days

-Certifications acquired



-Issues solved in forums



-Implementation days without escalation to R&D

-Number of escalations that happened too late

-Number of escalations that could have been avoided with proper training


Lost Knowledge:




Please let me know what worked for you well in the past. I still wonder if our VP of Support and the VP of Services actually agree to capture some of these metrics as they may reveal fundamental knowledge gaps.









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Thomas – See the following for a paper on Knowledge Services best practices.


I am currently working on an architecture to implement the framework.


Al Simard


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Subject: [sikmleaders] Professional Services KM Framework (Software Industry)





We are trying to bring KM to the next level within our company. QAD is a software company that produces ERP software. While Knowledge Centric Support (KCS) seems like a great KM framework for our Support organization, I was wondering if something similar exists for Professional Services. In a first phase, I am interested to conduct an KM audit within our Services organization and to define KM related metrics around learning.


Please let me know if you know of a good framework. At the same time, have you ever tried to apply the framework described in "The Knowledge Management Fieldbook" written by Wendi R. Bukowitz and Ruth L. Williams?


I look forward to hearing what has worked for you.


Best regards,


Thomas Blumer


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