Re: KM and legal concerns #question

Bill Dixon

Implementing a formal KM strategy is also an opportunity to reinforce records retention rules/practices.  This is a great opportunity - not necessarily an impediment to instilling KM practices.  

Accounting firms are also concerned about records discovery and the big 4 have been involved in KM forever.


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Some of my potential clients have expressed reservations about implementing a KM system due to legal concerns.  They want to capture and organize knowledge within their organization, but they don't want to capture things that would create legal problems in case of litigation.   There is a concern that some KM artifacts could be uncovered during discovery and used as evidence.  Even if the evidence is non-consequential, it would still create more work for the in-house legal team.

I was just wondering how you may have dealt with this concern in your prior engagements.   Thank you.


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