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I seem to have lost the specific response in this thread addressing your question to me, so consequently this may appear under a different post. Nevertheless, I did want to provide some additional clarifications to close this topic.


First, I was in no way suggesting that you cast any negative light on APQC nor its maturity model. In fact, I would thank you for sharing and exposing the journal article that you did.


Second, I would reiterate that because of that article, that others be wary of similar research and conduct their own determination of the facts. Again, another plus of your collegiality within this forum.


Finally, it does offer me an opportunity set the record straight. I am now convinced that the article writers did little more than to read the white paper describing the maturity model. Consequently, their assertion that the model, in their words, has “no key areas” is erroneous since our maturity model has four major areas: strategy, people, process, and content and IT, which are then further subdivided into 12 key areas. Regarding the lack of “assessment methodology” the authors are unaware of our requirement for specific, tangible evidence of capability prior to validation, which in turn is conducted against both the requirements of our best practices database, as well as the evidence provided by the other assessed organizations as a part of our validation process. Moreover, the “extended organizational maturity” perspective is addressed in many of the level 4 and level 5 capabilities of our model. Those capabilities by the way, are described in detail and come from the 150-item assessment tool which supports and informs our final maturity level assessment.


I’ll consider this thread completed, as I know that it wasn’t the intent of your initial post. Thanks for the chance to amplify the true nature of our model with the community.


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