Re: Content Curation & Content Marketing #content-management #curation

Howie Cohen


            In terms of content curation in terms of an internal management approach, I haven't seen a lot that is effectively used on my client sites.  The Department of Defense has a few tools that are wrapped up in an enterprise capability called MilSuite curation and strategic communication through milwire http://www.slideshare. net/milSuite/milsuite-overview  there are other curation mechanisms but they are essentially at lower levels of the enterprise and targeted by domain.   I don't think it is (tools per se) that you are after but if so here is a list Main/Articles/15_topnotch_ content_curation_tools_15378. aspx# that you may find helpful.   I think there are a few approaches here more specifically target internal with market and domain alignment and market external with market and domain alignment along with general and strategic content feeds.   I hope this helps! 


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