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Who writes up the transcripts - the interviewers, a professional transcription service or someone else?
A professional service normally documents everything. Anybody else will make editorial decisions about what to include.

The big question: is important information being left out of the transcriptions? Or is it just unimportant stuff?

If there is important stuff being left out then you need to either communicate that to the transcribers or get someone more reliable to do it.

From a user perspective, most readers prefer edited and structured text to unedited transcripts.


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Hi All,


I recently became responsible for reviewing interviews conducted with current and former employees for input into our repository. In listening to the audio from the interview I have noticed some discrepancies, and I wonder if this is normal for interview transcription.

1) There is a lot of cross talk, but the conversation is either not documented, or pieces are included as part of the interviewees reponse

2)  Parts of what interviewee says are not documented in the transcript.

Have any of you encountered this, and if you have, how do you normally handle it.


Karen P. Campbell

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Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago


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