Re: Employee-created Company Values #vision #culture

Steve Denning

While I would agree about the non-linearity of relationships involved, I'm less confident about the apparently sharp distinction you seem to draw between "stored patterns of experience" and "values", with values being "emergent properties from the interaction of experience and our stored patterns of experience."
Aren't values also stored patterns of experience, albeit of a particular kind? Aren't values among the stored patterns of experience that we scan along with the the rest of the data, so as to make a first fit pattern match that we act on?
If so, that might facilitate handling Raj's challenge of explaining to people unfamiliar with the concept of emergence as to what is going on here. It might also help us avoid falling into the trap of imagining a sequential process in which we act on data + (value-free) patterns of experience, with values only coming into the picture somewhat later as an emergent phenomenon.
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