April 2007 SIKM Call: Verna Allee - Modeling Complexity with Value Network Analysis #monthly-call #SNA-ONA-VNA

Peter-Anthony Glick

Verna's very good presentation answered some questions I had about
VN but I now have the following 3 key questions:

1. Can a VN approach be used to initiate a cultural change in
an organizational context where hierarchy is prominent, departmental
boundaries are strong and guarded and knowledge tends to be
protected rather than shared? Or is it an approach only effective
when the value of collaboration and knowledge-sharing is already

2. What is the most effective method for collecting the
information needed to build a VN diagram? Is it assumed that a
relatively high proportion of subjectivity will be captured?

3. What is the typical scale and scope of the very first "proof
of concept" VN implementation for an organization? Scale meaning
how large is the section of the organization to consider. Scope
meaning how many processes to consider.

As Verna suggested, I will email her the link to this site and hope
she will find the time to log in and respond.
Anyone else who would like to provide answers, please do so.

Peter-Anthony Glick

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