Re: Seeking sources for making case for social networking as a KM Tool (especially in nonprofits) #value #ESN

Jessica Chen


Project Concern International is a mid-sized iNGO (over 500 employees), and we have been using Salesforce Chatter for since 2012. We definitely have use cases and experiences we could share about using Chatter as a internal communications and KM tool. I'll follow up with you. 


 Jessica Chen

Knowledge Management Officer

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That would be a great case to hear about. Thanks for sharing...

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I am happy to share my experience of implementing Yammer  at GS1 Australia a NFP of 150 people. I'm in a trainning course for the next 6 days so will send some material to you when I get back to work.

Nicky Hayward-Wright
Manager Knowledge, Capability,  Culture
GS1 Australia

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