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Hello Matt,

About fifteen years ago our company began to work with the concept of knowledge services, which we define as "the convergence of information management, KM, and strategic learning."

Since then, we have found that "knowledge services" resonates well with enterprise leadership and, particularly, with decision makers who are dealing with all the (relatively) new issues having to do with information, knowledge, and strategic learning.

The focus with knowledge services is on success with organization knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and knowledge utilization (we use the acronym KD/KS/KU for these elements).

We find this concept particularly useful in terms of how organizations we work with move into stronger management with respect to what we like to think of as the "knowledge domain," where most of us work (and a management area with which many enterprise leaders - through no fault of their own - aren't very familiar).

If these would be of use to you, there are several items and special reports at our website, and we use these with clients and students (I teach a lot, both in webinars and seminars for clients and in the IKNS graduate program at Columbia University).

You might want to take a look at:
Knowledge Strategy: Your Leadership Advantage (for background - this was a paper prepared for and delivered by Anne Kershaw and me at the recent AIIM Annual Conference)
A Knowledge Services Glossary: A Guide for Conversation (while there are many glossaries having to do with KM, this one is focused on knowledge services, a recent - and in process - compilation for a discussion group with which I'm affiliated)

​Hope this information is of interest to you.

Good luck with your assignment.

​All the best,


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I am currently assembling a KM plan. However in the organisation I am working with, "knowledge management" is a toxic term (for a variety of reasons). I'd like to know what you call your program if you don't use the "KM" term. Please reply off-list if you would prefer. I will collate the list of responses, anonymise and then distribute. If such a list of names already exists then please point me towards it.
Any assitance much appreciated.

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