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Douglas Weidner

Hi Matt, et al


At the KM Institute, we see KM as more than just another, familiar operational improvement discipline.


We see an emerging transformation into a post-industrial, K Age.

In that context, KM is the essential, strategic enabler, certainly aligned with an adaptive organization’s emerging new vision.


Some clarification: In this post-industrial context, we will still ‘make’ and ‘move’ things, but it will be done much more by robots and drones than humans and cogs/wheels/belts, etc.

In the formerly ‘white collar’ environments, computerization will finally and dramatically change the nature of jobs, even entirely replacing many.


This K-Age transformation was envisioned by Drucker in the 1990s, with many more recent advocates.

The K Age will radically change the nature of work, organizational structures and productivity, economic growth and productivity, national comparative advantage, and of course an individual’s employment skills, competencies, and engagement.


Focusing on knowledge is rapidly becoming the key to both organizational and individual survival and prosperity.


KM focuses on knowledge; it enables the requisite technology and methods to improve k-intensive activities.

KM is a catalyst for successful knowledge maturity and transformation, which we track with our Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™.


If that’s too radical for some, and it certainly is, then starting with ‘quick wins’ on k-intensive activities becomes a convincing pilot and proof for the way forward.


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Hi Matt,


I hope you can speak of KM in the inner circle!


For the rest of the company, just use general business terms that are either aligned with current strategic objectives or with larger initiatives that people are already familiar with.


Best Regards.


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